People have unique needs due to differences in body structure, heredity factors, and dietary and medical background. All medical traditions use common models to categorize body structures, diseases, and foods into four categories. The question is, what kind of food suits you? You have a personal constitution that you could recognize and express through the diet and lifestyle you choose for yourself.

What are the best recipes for you?

  • Warm and Drying

    Foods with a crispy or light texture, distinguished with a robust, aromatic, or pungent taste that usually stimulates the body and mind, create a feeling of warmth, activism, and lightness. These foods are especially suitable for cold and humid conditions and bodily constitutions.

  • Warm and Moisturising

    The recipes in this section include rich food with textures and properties that tend to be heavy, moist, and sticky. These foods create a feeling of warmth, deep nourishment, and grounding. The recipes here are particularly suitable for “deficient” patients with cold and dry conditions or constitutions.

  • Cold and Drying

    These are usually crispy foods with light textures and colors like white and green. These foods create a feeling of coolness, cleanliness, freshness, and dryness. Suitable for conditions and patients who experience heaviness, heat, phlegm, and stickiness.

  • Cold and Moisturising

    Rich, cool, and smooth food that promotes a feeling of calmness, satisfaction, and nourishment. These recipes suit heat and dry conditions manifested as restlessness and overactivity of the body and mind.

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