Nutrition Course for Practitioners

  • 186 hours of study
  • Kibbutz Beit Nir
  • The course opens on October 22
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Know that nutrition does the work for you even when the patients are at home

What will you know by the end of the course?

אייל מרצה בשיעור ראשון, קורס התזונה למטפלים בשיטת TEF

Eyal lectures in the first class of the nutrition course for TEF therapists.

Detailed information about the course.

Nutritional therapy is essential for successfully dealing with various conditions such as cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases, liver disease, digestive problems, allergies and other medical issues. However, many therapists today find it challenging to fully understand nutritional treatment including diagnosis, selection of appropriate raw materials, convincing the patient, and reaching recovery.

The TEF Method Nutrition Course is established on the integration of traditional medical traditions such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and modern research. The course is designed to fill a gap in the therapeutic field and to assist practitioners in coping with a variety of challenging medical conditions while supporting their patients through time and since proven nutritional tools.

The nutritional treatment enables patients and their families to become deeply involved in the healing process. Acquiring this knowledge also offers the practitioners an opportunity to implement the knowledge in their lives and gain benefits from experience with this approach. The course enables therapists to engage in a new treatment method that significantly increases effectiveness and deepens the strength of the therapeutic relationship and the patients’ esteem of their practitioners.

For whom is the course for nutritional therapists?

The course is intended for therapists only, graduates of Chinese medicine, naturopathy, herbal medicine, Ayurveda, clinical nutritionists, and physicians. Students without a background in Chinese medicine will require a paid supplementary lesson.

אייל שפרינגר וגסיקה הלפרין מלמדים בישול

Eyal Springer and Jessica Halperin teach traditional cooking.


Eyal Shpringer and Jessica Halperin teach traditional cooking.

The certificate:

Graduates of the course will receive a Certificate of Specialization in Traditional Nutrition from the Traditional Energetics of Foods (TEF).

Eyal Shpringer MSc Dip.Ac, CH

Eyal is an expert in ancient Chinese medicine (Stems & Branches), in Chinese macrobiotic diet, and a clinical herbalist. A former director of The Center of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Oncology Division, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), Israel. Eyal worked as a senior teacher for Tuina and Chi Kung at the Broshim Campus – Tel Aviv University and also worked as a teacher of Chinese nutrition in the ancient Chinese medicine program at the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot. He studied macrobiotic nutrition under the guidance of Dr. Mira Nizov and Ayurvedic diet under the guidance of therapist Philip Lombard. Eyal is a graduate of the MSc program in Advanced Oriental Medicine (research and practice) of the northern college of acupuncture (NCA) in partnership with Middlesex University, London.

Eyal is the founder of the TEF method for nutrition and traditional medicine and applies the nutrition method in his personal life and clinical work.

The contents of the course:

Semester 1: “Traditional medicine nutrition from A to Z”

This is the first stage of the nutrition course. The goal of this stage is to provide the background theory and therapeutic tools from the medical traditons of Chinese medicine, the Macrobiotic nutrition and Ayurveda.

Semester one content:

Semester two: “The nutritional treatment in the clinic”

This semester is mainly aimed at the clinical application of knowledge. This stage focuses on acquiring skill by learning structured strategies to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. The study of these strategies is based on a combination of nutritional treatment, lifestyle guidelines, herbs in food and beverages and external applications.

We will learn how to adjust diet according to differential diagnosis, the characteristics of the disease in its various stages and will include relevant case studies that shed light on the personal difficulties of the patients in dealing with the need to implement the nutritional guidelines.
Due to the increase in the scope of knowledge accumulated from year to year, it is not possible to learn all the treatment strategies. Therefore, the second semester focuses on strategies that are selected from the list below. Those interested in continuing studies can join a second year of advend studies.

Contents that always appear in the second semester:

אכילת גדילן

Eating thistle on a field trip.


Additional optional content for the second year of study:

Looking forward to meeting you at the dining table! Eyal Springer and the teaching staff.

For registration and further information, please contact Eyal Springer at +972-523904332 or [email protected]

מרק סיני
A dish with everything.