Legumes Recipes

סלט עם שעועית שחורה

Legumes are a central component in many traditional cuisines.

According to scientific literature and clinical experience, eating legumes contributes to feeling satiated, reduces cravings for sweets or carbohydrate-heavy foods, and helps maintain a healthy body weight.

In traditional medicinal belief systems, legumes are considered to have cooling and drying properties. As such, they can be more difficult to digest but are still regarded as beneficial for blood health when appropriately consumed.

Most people find legumes harder to digest, so traditional medicine advises only eating them when the digestive system is functioning well and after preparations that increase digestibility. However, once digested, legumes are thought to improve “blood quality” according to traditional medicine theories. Legumes’ “detoxifying” properties are also said to prevent excesses in the blood.

The legume recipes below use preparation methods aimed at improving their digestibility. For more on the perceived therapeutic benefits of legumes in traditional wellness systems, see the article “Legumes, the Partners of Grains.”

Jerusalem Artichoke with White Beans and Turmeric

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