Cereal Grains Recipes

טאיר סדהאם

Cereal grains have been a staple food in most traditional agricultural societies around the world. Traditional medicine systems offer guidance on which grains to choose based on the season, climate, individual constitution, and health status. According to Macrobiotics, cereal grains are considered the most important staple food, as their Yang, dense quality supports the well-being and the proper evolution of the human race.  Traditional preparation techniques such as soaking, roasting, fermenting, or enriching the grains with spices and mineral-rich condiments make grains easier to digest and absorb and may even enhance their medicinal properties.

It is important to note the distinction between the botanical definition of cereals and our nutritional-oriented use of the term: This page features recipes that include seeds that are not considered “cereal grains” botanically, but their nutritional and therapeutic uses are very similar to grains, and therefore, they are presented on this site as belonging to this group.

I hope you enjoy exploring the world of grains and discovering new and delicious recipes!

Rice Recipes

Brown rice is considered a warm and dry food item, making it suitable for conditions characterized by dampness and cold, such as fluid retention, fatigue, a sense of coldness, and weakness. For those with sensitive digestion, it is recommended to use brown rice with caution and choose lighter grains or process it well by soaking and long cooking, or even replace the brown rice with white rice varieties.

Laba Congee

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