An effective and natural way to treat mouth sores-aphtha

By Eyal Shpringer

Much has been said and written on the long-term beneficial effect associated with regular consumption of fruits and vegetables.
However, you should know that the influence of fruits and vegetables is not only for the long-term.
Some fruits and vegetables may provide a quick relief in different situations.

One of the most troublesome and annoying issues is the appearance of lesions in the oral cavity called aphtha. There is also a more difficult condition called mucositis; the appearance of sores in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract mucous membrane which is common among patients receiving chemotherapy treatment.

So how can fruits and vegetables treat mouth sores?
There are several fruits and vegetables that contain enzymes; active protein-digesting agents. These enzymes are found for example in fresh unpeeled cucumbers and in papaya fruit.

When mouth sores appear, it is advisable to eat cucumber or papaya, chewing them thoroughly. The protein-digesting enzymes are released into the oral cavity and reach the irritated, exposed surfaces of the sores. The enzymes gently ‘digest’ the sores’ surface, forming a sealed layer over the surface of the sore which becomes less sensitive to friction, acidity or the rough texture of food.

Bacteria present on the surface of the sore are seemingly digested by enzymes which then decrease infection.

The sore heals faster and pain diminishes significantly.

You can combine the cucumber and the papaya in a delicious salad, or make a shake/juice from these foods, together or separately.

The treatment could help other common conditions such as inflammation of the gums and stomach ulcers.

Anyway, when mouth sores appear, it is important to consult your physician and to use different foods according to the guidelines and medical restrictions.

Eyal Shpringer, Dipl.AC, Cl Hb:  A Chinese medicine practitioner and a clinical herbalist, specialising in Chinese nutrition and traditional nutritional approaches. Clinical director and head of the integrative nutrition team at The Center of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Oncology Division, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), Israel.

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